Following his childhood obsession with cars, Roger Sumner first joined the motor trade in 1998 as a 'Saturday boy' at the local car accessory shop, and then Halfords whilst studying at college.
He then moved on to become a parts technician at The Oval Motor Group, the local VW main dealership, and a few years later progressed to the service desk.

Wanting to further his progress to the sales department, Roger switched brands to the nearby Mercedes-Benz dealership, Rygor Commercials, where he was then to stay for nearly the next 10 years. After a successful 5 years in the showroom, Roger was asked to manage the used vehicle department, followed by further roles in vehicle purchasing and trade disposals.

Having built lasting relationships and contacts within the local motor trade, Roger felt the time was right to go into business on his own and began trading as Cult Status Cars in June 2014.
Following 2 years of successfully selling quality used cars from home, Cult Status Cars progressed to a brand new business premises in Westbury, Wiltshire. This investment greatly benefits our customers with much increased hospitality and a relaxed all weather environment for you to view your potential purchase.

Roger is assisted by his colleague Mike Reed, a long standing family friend who has been in the motor trade all his life. Mike's family owned a garage in the nearby village of Bratton, and having grown up surrounded by oily bits he naturally worked within the family business from a young age. As time progressed, Mike moved on to carry out several roles within local main dealers and manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. This, along with a wealth of motorsport experience and knowledge spanning the last six decades, makes Mike a fantastic resource and ambassador for Cult Status Cars.
There are not many cars he hasn't bought, sold or crashed across several continents, and if you have the time he will gladly entertain you with the stories!

Combining a lifelong passion for cars with extensive prestige main dealer expertise, the small but capable team at Cult Status Cars are able to provide you with a personal yet professional approach that will make buying your next used car easy and enjoyable, the way it should be!

Looking for the perfect car?

Looking for the perfect car?